Jan 13, 2021
Translated by Google translator

My name is Ian, I live in a humble village, I dedicate myself to agriculture on a farm on the outskirts.

One day a messenger came to the farm carrying a royal note: "The King wants to see me" I thought.

I don't know why a King would want to see a simple peasant, and there I went.

It took two days on horseback to get to that castle; huge, majestic and imposing.

Once inside the King received me

  • Sit down Ian
  • Do you know my name?
  • How could I forget my brother's name?
  • Brother? How? But if I am a humble peasant
  • That's why I made you come, I wanted to tell you
  • But sir this would change my life a lot, get me in a lot of trouble
  • I know, that's why we must keep the secret.
  • Why are you telling me? What do you want from me?
  • I want peace, inner peace, I couldn't live thinking I had a farmer brother that maybe I was starving while I have everything here
  • All go hungry my lord
  • Don't call me sir, I'm your brother
  • I have no brothers!
  • You would not like to know at least why it was hidden from you, why you lived among the bulgo
  • It doesn't matter anymore, I have my life, a family to feed
  • You could live in a palace among cottons, you would not lack any food or drink
  • I feel more useful out there, thanks for being honest but I have already put down roots, in the farm food we do not lack, we have a roof and most importantly, we have love. Much more valuable than all this luxury.

They could have killed me for addressing the King like that, but I expressed what head, and I don't regret it; I went back to my farm and never heard from my brother again.

Francisco Solano