Jan 29, 2021
Translated by Google translator

A great storm was hitting the entire east coast of Ireland, we were four rogues without profession no profit on the edge of a cliff, suddenly a man appears.

  • Hello, my name is Patrick. Would you like to join my crew?

We debated for a long time, until we heard a sound ... it was a gallop of horses...

  • Halt! Who's there?

Patrick pulls out a musket and shoots, the man falls dead, he was a royal guard ... We were dead men, the shot warned his companions, they weren't far away.

We had no choice but to run away with Patrick ...

And that's how we ended up on the "Oddisey" a pirate ship, it wouldn't have been bad if not it was because we were in the crosshairs of half Europe.

We dodged galleons of all nationalities, we sailed seas, we plundered Spanish galleons, we sank the odd English ship. Until the day came, in one of those free ports in the Caribbean we learned about our heads had a price.

Ships of all nationalities came to look for us, and so it was ... Spanish and French ships, they were counted by the dozens. Cannonballs, curtains of smoke and fire, spilled blood, Screams; it was all so atrocious ... I barely managed to survive

It took less than five minutes for the ship to sink, I clung to a barrel, I don't know how long time I was adrift.

Until finally I got to the island, a lush jungle dressed it, I hadn't seen so much green since that day in Ireland, and I thought ...

  • Who would have imagined that that day would change everything forever?

That day in Ireland I woke up thinking it would be another day, and now look ... I'd give to go back, to be there and have a pint with those ruffians ... I don't know what happened to them, I suppose they died in battle ...

  • I'll die here alone, damn it!

It is so important, so important to live in the moment, but I'm not talking about living without anything matter, but knowing how to enjoy even the softest ray of sunlight that caresses your face.

Francisco Solano