Feb , 2021
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It was getting dark, my cousins ​​and I were heading towards the town on the “Niesborg” side; My name is Helen, and this is my story:

Katarina, Ana, Magdalena and I had a mission, we had to inform the mayor of the town, the attackers were here, our village “Kalen” had been razed.

Our family lived on the outskirts, when father saw the smoke coming from the village and heard the bells of the chapel, he brought my cousins ​​and me together.

  • Run! Warn Niegsborg!
  • But father!
  • There is still hope for you, Gone!

And that's how our mission started, we crossed the entire mountain that separates Niegsborg from our village.

With adrenaline rushing through our veins we hadn't even analyzed the situation. We entered through one of the canyons that connected the two valleys, we heard noises ... They were following us, we hid in the bushes and we could see them, they were huge, they looked like giants, we were hidden for a long time until they turned around, we had been too much They had been hidden for a long time and it had already begun to get dark, at nightfall we saw little, it was a moonless night ... Kata tripped over a root and fell to the ground.

  • Raise Kata! We must not delay
  • I can not! I think I have broken something

Ana, Magda and I took turns helping Kata to travel that winding path, shortly after we saw the first lights.

  • There is! It's Niesborg! - said Ana

Finally, a ray of hope, it was 3 long hours until we reached the door. A lookout stood guard.

  • Who's there?
  • We bring news from the village of Kalen! Invaders have fallen upon the village
  • Why should I believe you? I don't see fire, I don't see smoke, I don't hear any noise.
  • It is because of the mountain that covers everything, and the moonless night makes the smoke not distinguishable
  • Bullshit! And are you the messenger who commands the village? Get out of my sight if you don't want us to sew you with arrows.

We had to leave, but we had to warn; We circled the fortress until we found a weak point, there was a drain where you could enter.

Ana and Magda stayed with Kata out of sight of the guards. I ventured to sneak into the fortress.

Stinking of sewer and sweat I sneaked in, but it was too late by now, most of the people were at home, there were only guards left ... What could I do?

If they were all asleep, I just had to wake them up, I climbed the bell tower, I almost killed myself a couple of times, and once at the top I started ringing the bells and yelling: They attack us! They are coming from the north!


The bells rang like a muffled moan, the whole town came out of their houses to see what was happening.

Tres guardias vienen a por mi y me llevan a la plaza del pueblo, donde está todo el mundo.

  • Let her speak! - said the mayor

I began to tell them everything, until I saw my cousins, other guards had them.

  • It matches the version of the ones we found outside! - said one of the guards
  • What were those attackers like? - The head of the guard asked me

I told them:

  • They were very tall, dressed in leather, carried axes and spoke a language I had never heard ...
  • They are North Kalvines without a doubt, they cannot be lying, young as they are, they have never seen them. Anyone of military age, to the armory right now, we must be prepared!

They did not take long to arrive, they had tracked us. Niesborg fought with all his might, many fell, but Niesborg resisted. If we had not warned, there would have been no one alive, we saved many.

We had completed our mission.

Francisco Solano