"The guardian of the stars" chapters

Chapter 1: Devastation

Kul, a planet in a far away galaxy is under a rage meteor shower, Tissan a young worker from Askarzon city is searching for a solution to this great problem

Chapter 2: Manu Mendez from earth

Manu, a young spanish guy that gone to Puerto Rico for holidays and to practice diving in the great caribbean sea, he finds a strange panorama when he emerges

Chapter 3: Exodus | Comign Soon

After spend the night in the weather station, Tissan and friends goes to Drak hot lowlands, meanwhile the world still disturbing

Chapter 4: Isdrabon | Coming Soon

After the pirate attack to the guardian of the stars, Manu and low greys travel aimlessly by a huge ocean

Chapter 5: Alpha Camp | Coming Soon

A scrum of people head to Drake Hot, where Daruga is waiting anxious