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Solicomics has several parallel fronts, are as follows:

The Guardian of the stars I: Kulmurian Saga

In Seni's Solar System, planet Kul was ruined by a meteor shower, Tissan and friends are seeking the answer and a way of scape. [Comic]

The Guardian of the stars II: Alatian Saga

Manu, a scuba dive earthling, When he emerges he found a gray dwarfs 'boat' that is been attacked by a multiracial pirate band, *It has less sense than before![Comic]

Mission Scape

An high grey trapped in a alien cell, it is your duty let him scape form his captors, choose carefuly your next step.... [Game]

Solicomics FanArt

With the aim of improving, our creator Francisco Solano emboldened he starts to do FanArts from other better Artists... much better than he![Portfolio]